The promising defensive football midfielder from Mainz impressed new coach Marco Silva, and Everton were not afraid to pay 25 million euros. Silva counted on Jean-Philippe and flirted with him from the first matches, but then the rookie’s career stalled due to frequent injuries that haunt the Ivorian for almost three years.

Gbamen broke for the first time in September: an injury to the right quadriceps muscle was supposed to knock out the defender for just a couple of weeks, but there was a relapse. At that moment, the season for the player ended.
Jean-Philippe was recovering in Paris and returned to England in May 2020. Everton have already been coached by Carlo Ancelotti. “I never saw him live, but he was pretty good on video,” Carlo admitted. “He is a modern football player who can play all positions in midfield and even box-to-box. And every team needs a player like that. Of course, we count on him in the upcoming season.”
But Gbamen did not even have time to show himself to Ancelotti: at the very first football training session after returning, he tore his Achilles and flew out until next year. However, the player was not going to give up: “I wanted to play in England, but I’m not lucky. I continue to believe that all this will pass. I’m ready to work.”

Everton did not turn their backs on the player

But he got injured again and again, again and again. “He’s a great athlete,” personal trainer Theo Chapelle told The Athletic. “After such injuries, it is very difficult to regain condition, but he works hard and does not give up.”
You know, in his place, many would have given up long ago, but he continues to run and smile. He is not going to finish and appreciates the help of Everton. At the beginning of April 2021, Gbamen returned to the football general group, it was perceived almost as a miracle, but Jean-Philippe was torn on the field. He came out for 11 minutes against Crystal Palace – after 597 days (or 20 months) away from football. This football match Gbamen called the second debut.

The Everton football club fans gave a standing ovation – for Jean-Filippo this day was a huge victory. But a week later he tore ligaments in his knee – and again dropped out for six months.
Gbamen returned after the new grass, but this football season he played only three times.

What awaits Gbamen in the future?

CSKA is active in the football transfer market: after the purchase of midfielder Jorge Carrascal from River Plate, they went for a new defensive midfielder – they hired 26-year-old Jean-Philippe Gbamen from Everton. The player will be taken until the end of the football season without the right to buy. Everton will pay the Ivarian a large part of the salary – about 4 million euros.
What will Gbamen give to CSKA? No one knows – because he is constantly being treated.