Those were the words of one of the most famous and the best goalkeepers in the history of this football club. If you want to learn more about players who wrote in their names in the history of Everton, then keep on reading our article.

Tim Howard

It seems that for all the coolness of Nigel Martin, the best goalkeeper position of Everton in the 21st century is associated with only one person – Tim Howard: in the summer of 2006 he moved to Merseyside from neighboring Manchester on loan, and as a result stayed at Goodison for as long as 10 years, and almost until the very end remained unambiguous No. 1 in the football team (albeit with the number 24 on the back).
Tim began to lose competition for a place in the squad only in 2016, when Joel Robles ousted him from the base. But he still managed to say goodbye to the Everton team fans: in the last round of the 2015/16 season, Howard entered the field at the base in order to play his last clean sheet for Everton – 116th in the Premier League and 133rd in all tournaments.
“I will remain an Evertonian for the rest of my life. This will always be my football team, my club. I have worked very hard to play so many football matches in 10 years, so I will continue to support the football club that I love in the future.”



Leighton Baines

Can anyone have doubts about the best left-back player in this team? I think no. The best defender in the history of the football Premier League in terms of assists, one of the league’s best goalscoring defenders, a man who almost never misses a penalty and just a good humble guy: Leighton Baines moved to Everton football team in the summer of 2007 and during this time he became a real the personification and legend of the Everton club.
And besides, he is also the best model of devotion to the football team: Baines had more than enough chances to go to clubs where he would have a better chance of winning trophies. But Layton himself says he wants to be the football
player of Everton for the rest of his career.

David Ware

Another football captain in the center of defense is the Scot David Ware, who moved to Everton in 1999. Already at that time he was 29 years old, and he remained a stable player in the Everton team’s base right up to 36. It was Ware who was the captain of the football team, which in the 2004/05 season managed to take fourth place in the football championship and get into the Champions League qualification. The next time someone was able to break the hegemony of the “Big Four” in football only after 5 years.



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