Toffee Analysis is an Everton fan site, analysing and deconstructing the blues as often as we can. I’ve wrote for many blogs before, but this is the first I’ve built and designed by myself.

My analytical articles only really started a few years ago, but I’ve been writing for 8 years, starting off with news and opinionated posts. There were no statistics involved, just reporting on the football world. I started analysing a lot more as I grew more experienced and after hours of reading deconstructing pieces.

After Everton’s abysmal 2015-16 campaign, I finally had the bottle to start and run my own blog, which has grown stronger and stronger as Everton deteriorated. There are now a few more bloggers who write for the site and we have contributed to the Daily Mail’s Fan Verdicts in the last couple of seasons, which is something I am very proud of!

Enjoy our work.

Joel Parker

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